Bare Bones Development: Added Messages And Buttons

Development has taken a slight turn and I had to scrap the enemies at this point. The reason is because I created a custom script that controls the player but it seemed to be interfering with the gravity in the game. This was becoming an issue because as I would create stairs and ramps the player would start to float when interacting with them. Instead of delving  into my code to locate the issue I decided to deactivate it all together and continue with the more interesting aspects of the game such as an inventory system, locked doors, switches, etc.

I was able to add a roughly designed a GUIBox with a message that pops up when you can’t enter an area due to a locked gate. I then added a switch that the player walks on and activates that will trigger the gate to open.

What awaits the player on the other side of the gate?



(Spoiler Alert)

It’s a treasure chest, that opens.

(End Spoilers)

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