Little Warrior Progress – 1GAM

Sorry for the delayed updates on the website, I have found the power of Twitter and find it much easier to post quick things instead of taking the time to do full posts. Anywho, I decided this month to try out the 1 Game a Month Challange, so this is my first official update in regards to that.

This month’s word is “Anthem” so the designer is in charge of creating a game that embodies the ideals of the word. My idea centers around the idea of how an anthem makes you feel, proud, ready to fight. With that being said I have based my game on those feelings and the idea of “From One there are Many.”


The game will involve an endless wave of enemies that the player must vanquish but eventually fall too. Because of that fall, the village you are defending will send more and more villages to help the player with each consecutive wave that follows.

It will be a simple game but I hope by the end of the month I will be able to convey the message I am aiming at, time will tell. Anyway here is a video of the gameplay I have at the moment. Also, this is my first video where I record my voice as well so I am sorry for the background noise…Little Bear may be on the TV.