Bare Bones Development: Pivoted!

As you can see from the video I have done a major overhaul of the project and have also added a game time UI element as well as both a main menu and game over scene, which shows the total score of the level you just completed.

This project has gone through a major pivot and at this point is headed in the direction of a hack-n-slash/dungeon crawler. I think it fits better for what I envision for the final product and will fit nicely in that genre because of the elements I would like to add.

At this time the graphics are just a place-holder but have added a better sense of what the environment will look like.

The weapon render path, the weapon “blast” muzzle bug, has remained in the game but will be the focus of my next update along with adding melee weapons, since it will be hack and slash, or some sort of hybrid.


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