Bare Bones: Secondary Weapon

It has been a while since my last update but now it is time for me to unveil what I have been doing with my week of code cleanup and dismantling.

I was able to create a basic weapon inventory script that currently has two weapons in it and uses a boolean variable to tell the script when the player is holding either the handgun or the shotgun. Before posting this video I was working on implementing buttons on screen to deal with this effect but I decided to post what I had to show I did not abandon this project.

One thing that still concerns me is the fact that the line renderer I have attached to both weapons does not fire every time I click the mouse button down as it should. When you watch the video you can see that sometimes there are “blasts” from the muzzle of the weapon and sometimes there are not. For now, this is the furthest thing on my list to fix but it is something that I can’t ignore either.


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