Bare Bones Development: Added a Level Select Area

I have added an area in the game where the player will select which level they would like to play. In that area, the player will walk to a warp pad and will be taken to the corresponding level. I have a story in mind, but until I can flesh out at least 10 levels I will be keeping that a secret.

There is no real concept detailing what is going on in the video because I have not added any tags or cinematics, but I can break it down for you.

  • The first screen is the main menu where you will start your game.
  • The second area, after clicking “Play Game” is the area where the player will select which level they want to play. For this area, in the future, I will add hovering icons over the level that show the score the player received if they have played the level, and a few other details such as the level name.
  • Finally, the third screen is the “Game Over” screen which shows what score you have earned from the level you just played.


Bare Bones Development: A Few Notes

Yesterday was a semi-failure with getting the mechanics of melee battle to work. I created melee weapons but I can’t figure out how to push back the enemies after they are hit by the player.

Besides that I have been messing with the environment and trying to wrap my head around how to use blender to create an actual player and some enemies (instead of “pill” people.)

Video soon to come…

Bare Bones Development: Finally added Dual Analog Sticks!

I finally had a chance to add dual analogs to my game thanks to some help from a fellow Unity developer. I can now focus on mobile development and update my game to reflect the smaller screen size.

As you can see from the video I have to update the UI now and I also have to update the players’ position so that he doesn’t always snap to a “UP” position every time you let go of the joystick.