Bare Bones Development: Added a Level Select Area

I have added an area in the game where the player will select which level they would like to play. In that area, the player will walk to a warp pad and will be taken to the corresponding level. I have a story in mind, but until I can flesh out at least 10 levels I will be keeping that a secret.

There is no real concept detailing what is going on in the video because I have not added any tags or cinematics, but I can break it down for you.

  • The first screen is the main menu where you will start your game.
  • The second area, after clicking “Play Game” is the area where the player will select which level they want to play. For this area, in the future, I will add hovering icons over the level that show the score the player received if they have played the level, and a few other details such as the level name.
  • Finally, the third screen is the “Game Over” screen which shows what score you have earned from the level you just played.


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