Bare Bones: Random Loot Drops/Camera Update

I have made a lot of progress on the game so far. The first thing I did was add a script that follows the player and also opened up the area so there is space to walk. Next I added a new enemy type that gives more points when destroyed. After some thought I decided the next course I should take is ammo and health drops.

The random loot drop script works with two different “if” statements that first ask the question of if loot will drop (60% chance) and if it does will decide which piece of loot will drop between the ammo and the health. The health drop has a 40% chance of dropping and the ammo has a 60% chance.

Next up on my list to do will be a new weapon type and also ammo clips so that the player has to reload, thus adding more challenge to the game. From there I am setting my sights on a menu system.

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