Nations of Glitch

Created: 2016
Platform: Android
Price: Unreleased, currently in Alpha

Nations of Glitch is a tower defense game that pits the player and their characters against the evil monsters of the fantasy world. It is up to the player to place their attackers and defenders on the field to stop the progression of the enemies from right to left. If the enemies make it to the end of the lane the game is over. As your characters vanquish the evil you gain money which can then be used to unlock stronger units and walls.

Currently, there are three variations of each buyable class in the game.

  • The Close Quarters class has a dagger, short sword, and long sword.
  • The Long Range class has a short bow, long bow, and crossbow.
  • The Resources provide bronze, silver, and gold. Each provides a greater source of income than the last.
  • The Defense provides a wood fence, stone fence, and cement fence.