Bare Bones – Ammo Remaining Text

Next up on my agenda was to come up with a way to limit the amount of ammo the player has and a visual way for the player to track how much they have remaining. I basically wrapped the “if” statement that instantiates the bullet with another “if” statement that checks to make sure the player doesn’t have 0 (zero) ammo and if they do then no bullets will ever be created because of the else clause. In the future I will add ammo drops and the ability to reload but for now I am good with the one amount of ammo.

Bare Bones: Top-down Survival Shooter – Visible Health

I quickly put together a visible health system so the player could see how much health they have remaining. It will definitely change throughout this build but I think hearts has that certain retro flare to them.

Bare Bones: Top-down Survival Shooter – Walls

After a few hours of research I found out how to implement pathfinding for the enemies. I added a wall to see if the enemies would go around it, the results were much better than I expected.

Bare Bones: Top-down Survival Shooter Entry #1

Work had began on a new project that is a top-down survival shooter. The project is in the bare bones framework stage but I thought uploading the progress of the game would be  good thing. Here is a short clip of The damage system being implemented and tinkered with.